Woman who lives hard, works hard and dreams hard.
Born in Caracas, 1984. Ani is based in Barcelona. 
Daughter of a painter and a guitarist doctor. She studied Computer graphics and met photography while studying in the conservatory. Fell in love with photography while living near hazelnut fields in Italy.
2021 - Retrats de la Gent del barri - Barcelona, Spain
2020 - Workshop "Retrato: identidad, selfie y vínculos" con Ana Benavent. Barcelona, Spain
2019 - Workshop with Marta Mass - Barcelona, Spain
2018 - Workshop with Klavdij Sluban — La Nuu Festival. Rubí, Spain
2018 - Workshop "Retrato pictórico" with Mara Saiz - Barcelona, Spain
2017 - Masterclass ""Iluminando la fotografía nupcial"  with Marcelo Isarrualde - Barcelona, Spain
2012 - Masterclass "fotografía de naturaleza" Antonio Vazquez - Barcelona, Spain
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